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Stock Trade

IT4Sale is specialised in selling HP spareparts, this is our core-business.



Why stock trading at IT4Sale?

IT4Sale has over 20 years of experience in IT equipment. We can advise which products best live up to your organisation’s wishes. Plus, we also have the shortest lines to our sources, which gives you a fast and reliable delivery!


HP and other quality brands

We’re trying to put HP spares back on the market as much as possible. Besides buying economically depreciated HP equipment, it’s also possible to buy equipment from other brands. Other brands will be sold only in larger quantities, bear in mind that we’re selling top quality brands hardware too.

Do you want to sell your it-equipment or do you want some

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What we’re selling

We have a broad offer consisting of several top quality brands hard-discs, motherboards, laptop screens, controllers and so on. Besides loose parts, it’s also possible to buy complete used systems, printers and peripherals.