A good solution for recycling your depreciated hardware

Recycle hardware

IT4Sale offers the integral service for the physical, commercial and administrative processing of replaceable IT equipment.

We provide the disposal, inventarisation of, asset registration and data removal of your depreciated IT equipment. We can destroy hard-discs on location.

With this, you avoid taking the riscs, decrease the costs and – not to forget –  lower your potential personal stress, which may occur during the removal of your equipment.
IT4Sale guarantees a market resale value!

The way IT4Sale works is also good for the environment. If equipment is deemed as ‘not usable’, then we’ll recycle the parts contained within that product. In this manner, we throw away as less as possible, which is also less stressful for the environment.
The 3P’s* have been adopted by IT4Sale as an aim for Social Responsible Undertaking. We’re showing you that the care for human well being, environment and optained revenues are absolutely profitable efforts.

Depending on the specifications of your IT equipment, IT4Sale can give you an indicative value on forehand. After we’ve received your equipment, it will be thouroughly tested. After that, based on test results, we can determine what the price will become.
We offer broken, or unsellable IT equipment to registered recycling companies.

*) People Planet Profit (also know as: the three P’s) it is a term referring to durable development. It stands for the three elements, People, Planet (referencing to the environment) and Profit (Revenue/Profit), which are combined in a harmonious way.